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In family life, all kinds of daily necessities we use will have various problems, and the toilet of the toilet has a higher probability of problems. If the toilet is blocked, it will not only affect the daily use of the toilet, but also waste a lot of time because of looking for maintenance. Therefore, it is necessary to know some methods to dredge the toilet. Today, we will learn about the methods to dredge the toilet It's a small way. So what are the reasons for the toilet bet? Can you use vinegar if the toilet is blocked? Come and get to know Xiao Bian.
Can you use vinegar if the toilet is blocked
1. Soda and vinegar. Pour half a cup of baking soda into the sewer, and then half a cup of vinegar. The soda reacts with the vinegar to remove the slime from the pipe.
2. Log dredging method. Insert a log with a diameter close to the drain into the water pipe, put a certain amount of water into the pool, and quickly move the log up and down without interruption. Under the action of suction and pressure, the dirt in the pipe will be washed away.
3. Pump dredge method. When the kitchen sewer is blocked, the hose of the air pump can be plugged into the sewer, and then a small amount of water can be put in to pump air continuously, and the pipeline can be dredged.
4. Water pressure dredging method was used. Take a plastic pipe with a diameter of 10 mm and a length of about 1 m, one end of which is tightly covered on the faucet, and the other end is inserted into the blockage of the pool. Wrap a cloth around the rubber pipe to plug the water outlet of the pool. Turn on the faucet and screw it to a large position. The water pressure is enough to wash away the blockage.
Causes of toilet blockage:
1. Toilet installation error
It is generally divided into: the outlet at the bottom is not aligned with the lower nozzle, the screw hole at the bottom of the toilet is completely sealed, which will cause the toilet water is not smooth, and the water level of the toilet water tank is not high enough to affect the flushing effect.
2. The toilet is slightly blocked
It is toilet jam that toilet paper or sanitary napkin, towel dishcloth cause commonly, this kind of direct use conduit dredge machine or simple dredge tool can dredge.
3. The toilet is aged and blocked
If the toilet is used for a long time, it will inevitably form scale on the inner wall. If it is serious, it will block the air outlet of the toilet and cause the toilet to enter the water slowly. The solution is to find the air vent and scrape the dirt to make the toilet enter the water smoothly.
4. The toilet is blocked by hard objects
When using, it accidentally falls into plastic brush, bottle cap, soap, comb and other hard objects. If the blockage is slight, the pipe dredger or simple dredger can be used to dredge it directly. If it is serious, the toilet must be disassembled to dredge it. This kind of situation can be completely solved only by getting things out.
On the one hand, toilet blockage is a problem of construction, and some of it is a problem of product quality. When you buy a toilet, you must choose products with reliable quality. In addition, paying attention to some details in your life will greatly reduce the probability of toilet blockage. Hard objects or things that are insoluble in water should not be thrown into the toilet as much as possible. The information collected above is mainly about the reasons for toilet blockage And toilet clogging solution, hope to help you, thank you for reading, if you want to know more wonderful content, please click our official website: Jinan pipeline dredging   .
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